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Why Use ReportSafe

We have created the ultimate marketplace for the industry’s best suppliers to come together to offer their services and products to the marketplace. According to one leading industry insurer, more than 70% of inspectors are not adequately credentialed or insured, which may leave you exposed, whether you are buying or selling a property. To counter this, our site only offers reports from suppliers that have been vetted to ensure they have suitable credentials and insurance to minimise the risk to you.

This site collates thousands of inspections that have been completed or are scheduled across Australia so that you have the opportunity to purchase them immediately. However if a report has not been completed for your property you will be presented with a list of vetted experts who can meet your needs. You can choose your supplier based upon price, availability, credentials and report style.

Everything you need is at your fingertips on this site.

ReportSafe provides a location whereby:

  • The best inspectors Australia-wide can be found;
  • Only trained and insured inspectors are included; and
  • The vendor's or purchaser’s property inspection needs are met whilst the associated risks are minimised.

On ReportSafe you can:

  • Instantly search and purchase existing property inspection reports;
  • Search for and order currently scheduled property inspection reports; and
  • Immediately order a new property inspection report from a compiled list of qualified inspectors for your property.

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