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Valuation Reports

Valuation reports provide the client with important information regarding the value of the property they own or have an interest in. There are numerous reasons why a valuation is required, these include:

  • To provide a potential purchaser an accurate estimate of a property’s true value;
  • Mortgage Valuations : required why obtaining finance;
  • Family Law or Probate matters: to confirm the value for legal or distribution of will assets.

To suit client's needs there are numerous reports types available in the market offering a range of price options, these include:

  • Relatively simple online reports that provide excellent historical information on the property’s sales history, previous sales attempts, recent sales information in the area, comparable sales and an estimated price range;
  • Expedited reports that use the online information but have it interpreted by a specialised valuer to provide a more indepth valuation and a specific price;
  • A complete report conducted by a certified and accredited valuer, who visits the property, takes detailed information and then goes back to their office and compiles the information to produce a specific and detailed valuation that is accepted in the court system.

All reports have their place and each are useful depending on your need, price point and urgency.

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