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Tax Depreciation Reports

All property investors need to obtain a Tax Depreciation Report in order to maximise the potential return for the investment property. The report will enable you to identify all possible depreciable items, maximise their depreciation, therefore significantly increasing the claimable expenses on your tax return and thus reducing your taxable income. This has the effect of greatly reducing your tax obligation and boosts your cashflow and ultimately increasing your return on investment.

It is generally accepted that after interest expenses, depreciation is one of the largest deductions claimed by property investors, as such it is too significant to ignore and not have a professional report produced.

Depreciation schedules and reports are produced by experienced consultants and/or qualified quantity surveyors who are recognised by ATO legislation. Each firm committing to comply with stringent Australian Taxation Office requirements.

There are a number of different styles available for compiling the information from doing online DIY forms to having inspectors attend the property, each having different pricing structures.

All fees for producing a report are 100% deductible.

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