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About Us - ReportSafe

ReportSafe delivers simplicity & reliability to anyone wishing to make a fully informed and educated decision when purchasing a property. ReportSafe inspectors will fully inform you of any existing issues or non compliance with the property that you are considering purchasing.

You are in control of the process, choosing from an available list of independent inspectors, with visable pricing and all within a time frame that suits you!

The ReportSafe team have been focused within this industry for nearly 30 years and have created this site to deliver the user access to the best inspectors, who have the credentials, experience and insurance to ensure that the information & service you receive is second to none. ReportSafe inspectors are fully compliant to all Australian Standards and show industry best practice, so there is no better way to achieve Peace Of Mind information than to use this essential service.

According to a prominent insurer, more than 70% of property inspectors are not adequately credentialed or insured, thus placing you, the end-user, at risk. This site creates an elite marketplace that you can truly trust.

Importantly, it provides agents with increased assurance that they are only recommending and engaging professionals with appropriate skills, training and experience. Under this site, agents can offer their clients a selection of proven inspection companies so that they are empowered to make informed choices regarding their property.

ReportSafe recognises the need to provide an efficient and professional environment to the general marketplace for all to use, have access to the system that Agents and Solicitors have used for years.

We sincerely trust your experience with us is a positive one and would value any feedback you have to offer. Please email us on

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