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It is essential that every property is safe for any person within that property, whether they are family, friends or trades. Even more important for landlords, as any tenant can sue a landlord for any injury caused to themselves or their guests, tradesman or even real estate agent. This has been an overlooked aspect of property ownership therefore, every property owner and manager is at risk!

ReportSafe delivers the solution via providing specifically designed inspections with certified, qualified and insured inspectors to ensure that the property you own or manage is safe for your loved ones and/or tenants.

Key benefits of PropertySafe include:

  • Identifies all potential risks within the property;
  • Provides recommended action list and quote documents;
  • Removes unnecessary risks;
  • Delivers crucial protection to Landlords and Property Mangers;
  • Provides a safe environment for tenants and family;
  • Addresses all legally required compliance inspections;
  • Provides a complete system of quoting, advising and reminding.
  • Helps a prospective purchaser make an informed and educated decision in relation to the right property to purchase and to an appropriate cost to purchase that property.
  • In the near future there will be an available discount on relevant insurance policies if the insured premises is given a 'clean bill of safety' health report.

Unfortunately, we live in a highly litigious society so it is extremely prudent to have a document that shows every intention of providing a safe environment for any person on your property. If any issues are found, you have the ability to fix them or as a minimum, warn all involved of a potential risk to their safety. If a situation arises where it is necessary to defend a legal action, your ReportSafe report will serve you well in the eyes of the law, and provide a very strong defense case. This very small amount of money could save you tens of thousands of dollars in a payout or at least dramatically reduce the amount of the payout and the time taken in settling any legal proceedings.

Just think how you would feel if a loved one or a tenant was hurt at your property and you could have avoided the situation simply and inexpensively. It might have been a matter of chopping off a branch, fixing a few pavers or filling in a divot on a path.

Don't forget that a ReportSafe inspection is a fully tax deductible expense for your rental property, as are any repairs. There is also some evidence that a rental property that has a current PropertySafe 'clean bill of health' can attract a higher rental return or even a preferential tool when looking for the right tenant.

Book a safety report today, as none of us sees a personal injury coming!

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