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Pool Reports

The number of properties with a pool or spa has increased significantly over the last decade; and the rise of ‘backyard pool incidents’ has encouraged governments to update and enforce strict regulations in relation to pools and spas. Couple this with the situation that some pools are now reaching the end of their cost effective life, it has become absolutely necessary to perform a pre-purchase pool report along with your pre-purchase building and pest inspections.

Often the purchasers of these homes with pools are new to the issues, dangers, legal guidelines and responsibilities of pool ownership. Ensuring that the pool is fundamentally safe & compliant is one extremely important aspect that all impending pool owners need to address.

Estimates are that 99% of pools are non-compliant with current regulations and the cost of this compliance has proven to be a deciding factor in an owner putting the property on the market. Just like with potential building and pest repairs, pool repairs can be expensive too, just like it is with the home, it is crucial to know exactly what you may be up for regarding any unexpected pool repair/upgrade or compliance costs. As such it is very important to have a specific pool inspection / report completed along with the other normal pre-purchase inspections such as building and pest inspections.

Pool inspections carried out by professional and experienced companies are not expensive but they can save you high unexpected costs, let alone informing you of life threatening issues that you will need to address if you complete the property purchase and may give you some negating power in reducing the price paid for the property.

There are 3 types of Pool inspections:

  • A Pool report offers a visual inspection of Pool fencing, Gates, “climb Zones”, Signage, Pool surface, Water quality, Leak rates, Equipment (pumps, filters, chlorinator etc) ensuring that everything is operational and informing you if any short-term repairs are envisaged. Note that this is not a pool Compliance report, required by governments.
  • A Pool Assessment Report offers a prelude to a compliance report and therefore the opportunity to make good any compliance issues in a time frame suitable to yourself, not restricted to the 90 day strict time frame of the Compliance Report. It also allows for repairs to be carried out in your own manner, not restricted to the strict terms of the pool compliance report that states work must be done by a qualified tradesman. Once you have made good any/all issues raised in this Assessment report, you can achieve a Compliance report with confidence, and pay just the report upgrade price.;
  • A Pool Compliance Report offers complete legal compliance status and needs to be performed & passed every time a property with a pool is sold or leased, in most states. Or every 3 years (varies with some states) if not sold or leased during this time. The responsibility of achieving this report changes from state to state.;
  • Pool inspections / reports should be considered mandatory for any serious new home purchaser. For the small cost of the report the savings can be very significant, and avoiding the headaches can be extremely beneficial.

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