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A specialised plumbing report examines a property's plumbing in greater detail than a normal visual building inspection. Whilst the visual building inspection report looks for leaks and examines some plumbing functionality, a full plumbing report includes a complete examination of the system's operation and construction, including any issues that may develop over time. The report also included a full breakdown of estimated costs.

As is the case with all pre-purchase inspections, a specific plumbing inspection can save the purchaser thousands of dollars in costs, if they were identified before the completion of the sale. Areas that can be expensive with plumbing include the installation and maintenance of the hot water system, the integrity of the sewage/drainage system and the operation of the traps and pipes.

The inspection should include an examination of all the sewer/stormwater pipes to ensure that they have not been broken or roots have forced their way into the system which will cause costly repairs. This inspection should involve the use of an electric snake with a camera for recording of any problems.

The inspection is carried out with a full qualified and accredited plumber with the appropriate levels of insurance. A fully written report is provided with photos illustrating any issues.

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