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ID Surveys

A common requirement with any property contract sale is that it contains an Identification Survey (ID Survey). If one is not with the contract, often prudent solicitors/conveyancers will request one. ID Surveys identify the property and buildings, structures and fences on the property. The survey shows any encroachments, easements and non-compliance with set back to boundaries as well as identifing the position of any significant improvements in relation to boundaries. An identification survey is necessary to ensure the parcel of land you are purchasing correlates with the house you have inspected.

ID surveys are carried out by licensed and registered surveyors under the Surveyors Act and Surveyors Institute. They will produce a complete and easy to read report highlighting any issues with the property. The process requires the surveyor to attend the property, take measurements to known reference points such as street corners, public reserves or pathways or old survey marks placed by a previous surveyor, and make certain that the parcel of land described in the Folio of the Register (previously known as the Certificate of Title) exists in its entirety on the ground. The surveyor then reports on improvements he has observed and their position in relation to the boundaries, whether they are wholly within the boundaries or whether they encroach upon adjoining lands. If the survey relates to a private residence, he must make comment whether the position of the building complies with regulations relating to minimum distances of walls from boundaries. In addition, the report is expected to make comment on the existence or otherwise of drainage easements, covenants and restrictions on the use of the land. The surveyor needs to verify the location of easements and compliance with the terms of covenants or restrictions.

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