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Purchasing a property is a HUGE emotional and financial decision, hence the need to be sure that you are aware of everything that is crucial to your purchase.

The key to getting the precise information is by using the best inspectors.

Given the importance of receiving accurate information, it is extremely unfortunate that property inspections is largely an unregulated industry. This means that a large percentage of current inspectors do not have qualifications or current professional indemnity insurance that is essential to give you the necessary protection. One prominent insurer claims that over 70% of inspectors do not have current insurance.

ReportSafe protects you from having to worry about these issues.

We guarantee that all the inspectors on this site have:

  • The required qualifications for the inspection services they offer;
  • Comprehensive and current insurance to provide you full protection;
  • The necessary experience to satisfy the requirement of the inspection;
  • The ability to ask the inspector questions about the inspection;
  • The professionalism to ensure that you are provided with the service you deserve.

Via ReportSafe you have access to all the expertise and support you deserve for this very important decision.

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