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Is a pool report necessary when purchasing a property?

It is a sad but true fact that every summer you hear of more and more incidents of young children drowning unnecessarily in residential pool accidents. Respective Governmental authorities and excellent groups such as the Royal Life Saving Society have worked very diligently to try and have these unnecessary deaths eliminated or at least reduced. New regulations, introduced from april 2016, enforce the need for a pool compliance report every time a property is sold or tenanted, otherwise every 3 years in NSW, 4 years in QLD.

These days, so many homes are lucky enough to have pools, but often the purchasers of these homes are new to the issues and responsibilities of pool ownership. Ensuring that the pool is fundamentally safe is one extremely important aspect that all impending pool owners need to address. In addition, just like it is with the home, it is crucial to know exactly what you may be up for regarding any unexpected pool costs. As such it is very important to have a specific pool inspection / report completed along with the normal other pre-purchase inspections like the building and pest inspections.

Pool inspections carried out by professional and experienced companies are not very expensive but can save you thousands in unexpected costs, let alone informing you about life saving issues that you need to address if you are to complete the new purchase with that lovely pool.

A thorough pool inspection will cover issues such as:-
• Pool fencing, gates and any other safety facet;
• The pool surface, structure and associated areas;
• The equipment (pumps, filters, chlorinator etc) ensuring that everything is operational and informing you if any short-term repairs are envisaged;
• The water quality, essentially how well the pool has been maintained.

All these aspects associated with pools can be very expensive if not addressed immediately and, in reality, is something that you need to be aware about well before you commit to buying any new property, whether it is for your own personal use or as an investment.

Pool inspections / reports should be mandatory for any serious new home purchaser. The savings and subsequent pain that can be extremely beneficial and for the small cost it is something that you need to add to you automatic needs list when considering any new purchase.


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