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How much should a Building and Pest Inspection Cost?

Even though the style of reports and the information contained in the reports should be quite similar, the pricing of pre-purchase pest and building inspections can vary quite significantly across the Australian cities and towns. This is due to a large number of factors which include:-
• the size of the property, most standard price quotes allow for homes to be of average size which is up to 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Any additional beds, bathrooms, kitchens, granny flats etc will increase the price and is normally quoted specifically for that property.
• Location, generally demand and supply set rates, hence the best rates are normally found in larger city locations. As there is less competition in regional areas the prices can be slightly higher. Also the prices do vary from state to state.
• The experience and qualification of the building and/or pest inspector, in many states in Australia the need for an inspector to be qualified has been removed and as such there are numerous inspectors in the marketplace that are not qualified and hence it is extremely unlikely that they are insured. This can result in the prices that they ask being well below that of professional inspectors or established pre-purchase inspection companies. Purchasers should only consider having an inspection completed by fully qualified and insured inspectors or inspection company; it is not worth the risk if something is missed.
• Time, if you need an inspection done urgently, for example the same day, there will often be an additional charge as the inspector will usually have to reschedule other jobs with real estate agents in order to accommodate you. The additional cost could be up to $100.

Overall, the average combined cost of a pre-purchase pest and building inspection for an average property should range from $450 to $550 inclusive of GST. We provide a great cross-section of experienced, qualified and insured inspectors with what they will charge for your sized property and when they can do the inspection. We are the ultimate one-stop-shop for all your inspection needs.


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