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Attend the building and pest inspections yourself

Buying a home or an investment property is a very major expenditure that must be taken extremely seriously. Therefore before you conclude or finally commit to the purchase you need to ensure that all the necessary due diligence has been carried out. Your solicitor / conveyancer will assist you all your legal concerns however you still do need to be certain that the property you have committing a huge amount towards is as good as you believe it is.

To ensure that your impending purchase is actually a wise purchase you should always have the relevant pre-purchase inspections carried out that may include any combination of the following:-
• Building inspection
• Pest inspection
• Strata report
• Pool inspection
• Competition report
• Property survey
plus many others.

It is always extremely important to ensure that these reports are being carried out by reliable qualified and insured inspectors or companies.

Assuming that you have prudently decided to have the inspections completed by suited qualified and insured inspectors how else can you ensure that you have carried out the necessary level of due diligence relating to these pre-purchase inspections.

You will receive complete reports from these inspectors which you can carefully read, but in reality they are generally written in quite a negative way to ensure that all the issues are strongly highlighted. In fact, to the new potential purchaser, a standard report that has no major issues can still be frightening to uninitiated. The purchaser can always call the inspector to discuss the report after the fact but by far the best approach if you are serious about understanding all the good and bad aspects of your impending new purchase is to attend the inspection with the inspector.

Most good inspectors are used to this and are happy to accommodate the client. This way you can see and get a really good understanding about what any potential problems may be and their magnitude. It is important to remember that the inspector still does have a job to do so allow them to get on with the inspection but when there is any potential issue identified or if there are any issues you are concerned about, the issue can be discussed and clarified.

So, the key points when purchasing a new property from a pre-purchase inspection aspect is to get the necessary inspections completed by qualified and insured inspectors, attend the inspection, ask questions then read the report to confirm the answers. You can find good information and suitable inspectors for your area on this site.


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